How do I use my digital remote control for my set top box?
Simply insert the batteries and make sure to point at the set top box.

Why is there a buzzing sound coming from my TV?
Try checking the HDMI cable cord or RGB cables in the back.

How do I use my set top box?
First connect the HDMI or RGB cables cords from the STB to your TV. Press power on the STB and wait for the main menu to appear on your screen. Allow the system to calibrate for a few seconds and instantly your channels will appear right after. You can now then toggle or scroll through the channels using your STB remote control device.

How does Parental Control Work?
Parental control on the STB Boxes is not available, however, on the MH IP TV platform which utilizes streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Firestick, or smart devices, go to your main menu and find “Parental Control”. Steps to achieve this feature may vary for different clients however have internal step-by-step guides to ensure your process is seamless.

How do I set my Parental Control password?
How can I report my tv when it is not working?
Aside from the set top box, can I use other tv clients to watch MHTV? Roku, and Amazon Fire Devices. The includes smart tv(s) with Roku and Amazon TV apps.

How do I reconnect my TV service if it was disconnected?
You have to call 692.625.2273 or 692.625.9559. If you live on the capitol island of Majuro or neighbouring island of Ebeye, visit our customer help desk and fill out an application form. Reconnection fee is USD $30. (CC, Check and Cash payments are accepted at our counters.)

To check your credit balance (2G)?
Direct Dial from your mobile phone by simply pressing *223#

Check Data balance?
Customers can make payments or top up their LTE wallet or account credit by visiting

My 2G Mobile Number Inquiry?
Direct dial on your mobile phone by simply pressing *223# dial

My 4G Mobile Number Inquiry?
Direct dial on your mobile phone by simply pressing*776# dial

To transfer 2G credit to someone’s phone?
Direct dial on your mobile phone by simply pressing*224*692455xxxx*$2# dial

How to make calls to Local, National, International calls
Making local calls?
Majuro, the capital atoll of the Republic, can be reached with the following telephone calling exchanges 625, 247, 528. Simply follow the instructions:
When making local calls: 625+ XXXX or for customers on Ebeye Island 329+XXXX

For your National & International Calls:
National calls within the beautiful Republic are accessible to anyone with a home or business telephone.
692+625+XXXX or for customers on Ebeye Island 1+692.329+XXXX
Calling your family and friends in the US and Canada just as simply dial the following instructions. Make your call today.
011+1+Area Code+XXX+XXXX – United States and Canada
To make calls to all other countries, you can reach your destination by using these simple steps.
011+Country Code+Telephone Number – For all other country