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Namdrik Atoll VSAT Cellular Service Upgrade!!

The NTA team, also known as the National Telecommunications Authority, has just completed a wonderful journey to Namdrik Atoll, which is undoubtedly a beautiful and vibrant place in the Marshall Islands. With the aim of enhancing the quality of telecommunication services, the NTA team made significant strides, particularly in Mobile Cellular Tower upgrades. The team also shared a sense of generosity by giving rechargeable backpacks and volleyballs to the local school, which undoubtedly brought smiles to the faces of the younger generations.

Moreover, the NTA team is committed to providing affordable services to people living on neighboring islands. Therefore, they never fail to express their gratitude towards the traditional leaders of the Namdrik Atoll, including the Senator Zackhras, Mayor Luther, Local Government, and its people, for their collaboration and support. This kind of partnership is what inspires the team to continue working hard to make telecommunications accessible and cost-effective for all. 

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